Are Home Inspections Necessary?

Not sure you need a home inspection, let me assure you that it is in your best interest to hire a recommended licensed and insured inspector.  Not sure who to hire, no worries!  That’s why you have hired a professional Realtor®.  We come equipped with an arsenal of trusted vendors for every aspect of your transaction!

Why is an Inspection Important for a Buyer?

It is your opportunity to see if any problems exist that may prove expensive and a deal breaker.  I always let me buyers and sellers know, the inspection nearly always uncovers something in the home to monitor or minor repairs needed.  But what repairs are alarming, what problems could send a deal back to the negotiating table?  Here are several red flags to be aware of:

  1. Termites and Pests: The sooner pests are detected and remedied, the better.
  2. Drainage Issues: This can lead to potential wood rot, or major mold growth.
  3. Mold: It may indicate improper ventilation, but can also cause health issues.
  4. Faulty Foundations: Cracked or crumbling foundations can be very costly.
  5. Wiring Issues: Outdated wiring or overloaded circuits can pose a fire hazard.

What can a Seller do to Prepare for a Home Inspection?

Home sellers and real estate professionals have an important role in preparing a home for inspection to help it go smoothly.  Listed below are some suggestions to follow:

  1. Don’t hide what isn’t working: Be upfront, offer a credit or to repair the item.
  2. Make things accessible: An inspector can not inspect what he can not see.
  3. Make minor repairs: Tighten loose cabinet doors, or pulls.
  4. Check the light bulbs:  Or the inspector will need to determine if the fixture is operable.
  5. Keep appliances clear: Don’t leave dirty laundry in the washing machine or dryer.

We are all in this together.  The seller wants to sell, the buyer wants to buy and the Realtors® want satisfied customers and a closed transaction.

If you are in need of a home inspector, call me… I got a guy!