A Better Way to Real Estate

Everyone has their unique story as to why a career in real estate is right for them. Perhaps your home has been your port in the storm and you want others to have a similar experience. Maybe you have always dreamed of owning a business and felt real estate sales would allow you to fulfill that dream. For others, like myself, you may no longer be satisfied with your current profession and know there is more you want to accomplish. Whatever your reason for entering real estate, most of us envisioned ourselves as successful and respected professionals.

Unfortunately, for many, it is not long before frustration sets in. You want to be successful, but nobody is really showing you the way. How many times have you heard any of the following blanket statements from your broker or team leader:

  • ➢ Contact your sphere of influence
  • ➢ Make calls and track your numbers
  • ➢ Have a strong social media presence
  • ➢ Sign up for this new training session

Have you ever left a training session thinking to yourself:

  • ➢ I have contacted my sphere, but how often can I do that? I don’t want my friends and family to think I am always selling them.
  • ➢ I would love to make calls and track my numbers but where do I find people to call?
  • ➢ I don’t know what to put on social media, I’m not techy.
  • ➢ Another training session isn’t going to make me money, it’s going to cost me money!

I remember those days well and I would not want to be back there. There is a better way to begin or reboot your career and it is here at Crossed Keys Realty.  In addition to my over 20 years of teaching and training, as a broker, real estate school owner and instructor, continuing education provider and Florida Realtors Faculty Member, I have the real estate and business expertise to help you achieve your dreams.

We will create a personalized plan you will feel good about and be proud to implement. Each plan will include:

  • ➢ Goal Setting
  • ➢ Lead Generation Strategies
  • ➢ Marketing Skills
  • ➢ Technical Knowledge

If you are willing to invest in yourself, I am willing to invest my time and efforts with you. Call me today, and start living the real estate life you were meant to live.

Cristin Beverley, Broker 941-875-4691