Janice Dudley

In my previous occupation, my specialty was making difficult and complex tasks easier for people. Whether troubleshooting a computer issue or explaining a new subject, my aim was to take the big picture and break it down into simple, manageable steps while explaining it in plain language. My goal as a Realtor is to use these same abilities to simplify and streamline your home search, purchase/sale or move.


My commitment is to treat you like family. I value your trust and seek to demonstrate unquestionable integrity and professionalism in all that I do.  If I can be your trusted partner in your home search, please do not hesitate to call me at (248) 797-6092.


Janice Dudley’s Biographical Information


30 year career in IT, training, documentation and instructional design
Home Renovation DIYer
Classical Musician



B.A. Communications
Post Graduate studies in advanced software and networking