Punta Gorda Weather

Punta Gorda Weather

Why do we come to SouthWest Florida?  The Weather of course!  To ensure you are coming at the best time for the activities you want to enjoy, check out the Punta Gorda weather information below.  The chart information is from usclimatedata.com.


Jan Feb Mrc April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
High 75 77 80 84 89 92 92 92 91 87 81 76
Low 52 54 57 61 66 72 74 74 73 67 60 54
Rain 1.8 2.43 3.28 2.03 2.50 8.92 8.22 8.01 6.84 2.93 1.91 1.78

As you can see June – September is HOT and the rain fall is at its peak.  October and November are highlighted in orange because while the weather and rainfall is more mild, it is still technically during hurricane season.   You can see why most everyone comes for January, February and March – this is our peak snow bird season. If you are looking to visit SWFL, but want to avoid the peak season rates I’d advise you look into December, April and May.  During this time you get great weather with a lower cost of rentals and less crowds. 

Visitors and those considering moving to SWFL usually have two concerns, how hot does it get and when is hurricane season.  To answer the first question, yes it is HOT here!! If you don’t care for the heat or the blazing sun you may want to avoid the summer months.  I happen to love the intense heat, but I understand not everyone does.  

To answer the second question, hurricanes are unpredictable and you never really know what you are in for each season.  I remember evacuating for Irma which was supposed to hit Punta Gorda directly.  In all honesty I didn’t know if I would have a house to come back to.  She turned though and we only sustained minimal damage.  Most people around town who were here in 2004  are still traumatized from Hurricane Charley which ripped through the area.  It was supposed to make landfall in Tampa but turned into Punta Gorda and well the rest is history so to speak. 

The best thing you can do is avoid the area during hurricane season, or prepare yourself for it.  I have created a helpful hurricane guide I’ll link below.  Please keep in mind, while the rest of the country is watching the spaghetti string models we are usually business as usual in SWFL.  Anything up to a category 3 and nobody really bats an eye.  The only time Floridians get nervous is when Jim Cantore shows up.  If he is in SWFL along with a named storm, you know trouble is coming.  I am making light of this to some extent, but it is serious business.  

The Essential Hurricane Guide: https://crossedkeysrealty.com/the-essential-hurricane-guide/

Ensure your home is protected with hurricane protection for your windows i.e. shutters, also check that your roof is up to the latest code which requires a certain number of straps and nails to hold your roof down during a storm, and talk to your insurance provider about flood insurance.  You can purchase flood insurance even if you are not in a flood zone.