Regret Moving to FL

Regret Moving to Florida?

Can you imagine anyone not loving SWFL? Me either, although from time to time I hear it! Here are a few reasons someone may regret moving to FL.


Seafood is everywhere. It seems to be the mainstay of every restaurant. They put it in and on everything! Crab in your grilled cheese or on top of your eggs benedict. Bang Bang shrimp, seafood gumbo, crawfish in mac & cheese, yes they will put seafood in just about anything! If you like that kind of thing, maybe that wouldn’t count as a negative for you. If you love it, here are a few restaurants to find great seafood in in Punta Gorda include:

Lashley’s Crab House
Leroy’s Southern Kitchen
FM Dons
The Celtic Ray
River City Grill
The Blue Turtle


It gets super humid here in SWFL! If you have naturally curly hair, you may want to just go with that. If you are visiting and heading out and about wear natural fiber clothing and don’t be afraid to carry a uv umbrella with you, I do! Most every shop also sells long sleeve uv protection clothing, it would be worth your while to have some on hand! When I first moved down here I remember the Realtor telling me it’s a different kind of sun here in Florida and I scoffed it off thinking no it’s the same sun everywhere. I wish I had listened to him! It is hot and with that heat comes humidity! On average the humidity rate in Punta Gorda, FL is 78.35%, that above Florida’s average of 77.05% as well as the national average of 77.52% according to On average the least humid month is April! If you are visiting anytime from June – September expect things to be hot, humid and muggy!


Yes a thunderstorm can be beautiful, it can also cause havoc on the roads. If you don’t have to drive in the rain, I would suggest you stay put until it’s over. The rains are shocking to most people when they realize they will not be able to see out of their windshield when driving. It is really that intense. Luckily, the rain usually doesn’t last too long before it subsides and the sun shines again. Punta Gorda experiences an extreme seasonal variation in monthly rainfall. Punta Gorda gets 52 inches of rain, on average per year according to There is 43% of rain on any given day from the end of May through the end of September. Don’t forget my advice and carry an umbrella everywhere. Looking for more in depth information including graphs and charts, just Google: weather Punta Gorda fl.

Bad Drivers

Interesting story, I was out with a friend over the weekend and he shared his theory of bad drivers in Florida. I think it is one of the most accurate theories I’ve heard, If you are from the Midwest, you are used to how people drive in the Midwest; if you are from NY, you are used to how drivers drive in NY; if you are from Atlanta, you are used to how drivers drive in Atlanta. You get the point. The problem is everyone is driving how they did back home and since everyone is from somewhere else, they don’t know what “rules” you’re following! This is one of those can’t we all just get along moments!!! Sometimes assimilation would be the best course of action, it just doesn’t seem to happen in SWFL. Statistically October ranks highest for accidents in Punta Gorda, followed by and tied at second are February and July with May and June having the least accidents. The moral to the story here, follow the rules of the road, be courteous to other drivers and drive the speed limit!

High Property Taxes

Ok, in all seriousness if you are looking for property tax rates by state, you’ll like what you see in Florida! Florida offers a homestead exemption if the property is your primary residence. In short what that means is if your home has a taxable value of $200,000, $50,000 will be deducted for homesteaded properties, so now the taxable rate for ad valorem taxes is $150,000 instead of the $200,000. The tax assessors offices throughout the county have knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist you in determining what exemptions you qualify for. If you are in need of a legal or tax professional to walk you through whether or not you should homestead, give us a call. We have some great resources for you.

Water Water Everywhere

The great thing about water everywhere is the flora and fauna you will see regularly. It is not unusual to see cars parked on the side of the road and passerby’s taking pictures of birds, alligators or the beautiful vegetation we have here in SWFL. I’ve swam in the Gulf of Mexico and had dolphins and manatees swim right up next to me. It was startling at first, but really they were gentle and beautiful. I mean think about it, people pay money to swim with dolphins and here they will come swim up close in the surf with you! Amazing! While it is almost always enjoyable don’t forget to heed the warning about the gators, no small children or pets near the water’s edge – that is an initiation to disaster.